Skærmbillede 2020 12 24 kl 17 10 00

Det er vist det, man må betegne som en af de mere bittersøde julegaver.

Brexits betydning

Tyler Cowen trækker måske konklusionen en anelse for langt, men ikke meget:

Brexit nonetheless presents a decision problem in its purest form. It is a test of human ingenuity and reasonableness, of our ability to compromise and solve problems. It is a tournament for both our reason and our passions.

In this dilemma, I think of U.K. citizens as a kind of stand-in for the human race. Per capita income and education in the U.K. are well above the global average and, more important, Great Britain has one of the most firmly established democratic traditions in the world. So if the U.K. cannot get this decision right, it’s pretty gloomy news for all of us.

The scary thing is this: So many of humanity’s core problems — addressing climate change, improving education, boosting innovation — ultimately have the same structure as “fixing Brexit.” It’s just that these other problems come in less transparent form and without such a firm deadline.

Det har hele tiden virket uvirkeligt, ja, nærmest surrealistisk for mig, hvad briterne har gang i.

Og jeg tror Cowen har ret. Hvis et nogenlunde civiliseret land som UK – velvidende at konsekvenserne er katastrofale – frivilligt tilvælger Brexit, hvordan skal vi i en imperfekt verden så kunne løse andre wicked problems?